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 Message of the Chairman

     The Kosala School was established in a Rural Area in the year 1979 by the farmers who migrated from Andhra Pradesh to undivided Sambalpur District after construction of the Hirakud Dam. These    Farmers have contributed to bring in green revolution in the area. The main objective of establishing the school is to provide education to the children of small and marginal farmers of the area at an    affordable cost. This is a service institute and not a profit making school. This is a school that gives first priority to education and tries to bring all round development of the students reading in this  school. This school is the first Residential School in the Western Odisha and earned the reputation of being one of the best Residential Schools in the State of Odisha.
 Message of the Director cum Principal


“Children are not vessels to be filled in but lamps to be lit.”
                                                               Swami Chinmayananda.

         Every child is like a seed which has the potential to grow if it is nourished with love and care under the right guidance. The first part of life, be it half, or one third, or so, is spent on Education, on a acquisition of knowledge, which generally used to make a living or a livelihood. The first part goes in sowing, to be reaped in the next. What you sow, how well you sow, ultimately decides what you reap and how well you reap.  Thus, education is vital for one’s life. 
         Education is the sum total of the experience of an individual where the parents and the environment play a significant role in moulding a student. Every child is unique creation of      God and has been gifted with immense fascination towards newness, learning and acquiring skills of analyzing. understanding and exploring the unexplored. 
        Education adds rationality to one’s thinking, makes one knowledgeable and self sufficient. The purpose of education is not just to make a child literate. The quality of one’s life stems from the quality of education, one gets in the childhood. The learning process has to generate interest in the students and motivate them to nurture the learning experience for the life time than to run  away from it. It is integral part of children’s growth and help them become good human beings.
          In the current challenging times, it is essential that children should not only excel in academics but should also develop courtesy, discipline, smart personality, social sensitivity and be imbibed with the traditional values and culture of our country. Childhood is the best time to lay the foundation of the core values essential for the overall development of the future citizens of tomorrow. The Kosala School is students friendly school where each and every student is valued and attended too. Equal attention is given to the development of the children both academically and in extracurricular activities like Sports, Yoga, Martial Art, Fine Arts and Cultural activities like Music and Dance etc. We plan a variety of thinking activities, strategies and group dynamics so that the classrooms become alive. In such a surrounding when a child’s work is valued, the child’s self-esteem is heightened and this results self-motivation.
       The Kosala School has progressed in leaps and bounds as  one of the noted educational landmarks in Bargarh District. It is because of a committed and supportive management, incredible efforts of our dedicated teachers, caring and co-operative parents and well wishers. We take pride in helping our children grow and develop into sensitive and responsible citizens of tomorrow. We, firmly believe, it is our duty to give tomorrow’s world a well educated and disciplined young generation.

 Message of the Addl. Director

   Welcome to The Kosala School. We believe it is our responsibility as educators to nurture and develop every learner to prepare them for life our mission is ‘Sacrifice is joy’. The entire faculty moves with a mission of providing a conducive atmosphere to our children with all possible facilities that help them in becoming good and successful human beings. We are proud of our alumini shining as doctors, engineers, scientists, business magnets, teachers, farmers, choreographers, administrators, auditors, actors and so on all over India and abroad too. I am confident that The Kosala School will always be a beacon of light that always guide the children in the pursuit of academic excellence. At last I say we are committed to meet the challenge which our former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said, “Can we make an education system which will retain the smiles on the faces of our children throughout the period of their education.


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